The Farm

We know very well what “bio” means: since 1990 our land, uncultivated since 1977, was cultivated without chemicals and pesticides..

We started to satisfy our personal need for healthy food, and in time we started to want and appreciate natural things above all others.

Our animals are rased the old way, fostered with natural food. We absolutely avoid any kind of genetically modified aliments. Our plants and vegetables receive only fresh water and natural fertilizers. No chemical or pesticides whatsoever.

Why we care so much about it? Because we love nature, we love the genuine flavor of food, we love to see other people's happy faces while they taste the products of our land.

Our Farm produces:

  • olive oil IGP (Protected Geographical Indication)
  • season fruit (cherries, peaches, apples, apricots, pears, nuts, grapes and medlars)
  • jams
  • vegetables
  • daily fresh eggs!

And if you come to visit during the olive harvest, you're all invited to participate to this fantastic event that takes place every year, with the same gestures passed on to the next generations: the harvest, the squeezing, and our world renown “fett'unta”, the glorious “bruschetta” with the newest oil on top.