The House

You will find a deep form of respect for the environment just looking around the house and the property.

When we decided to restore the house we had a clear image of what we wanted:

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  • maximum comfort possible for us and visitors;
  • minimal environment impact;
  • low energy use;
  • use of renewable energy;
  • use of natural material.

That's why our house was restored using:

  • plasterworks and paintings in ecologic materials;
  • cork panels for thermal isolation;
  • wood waste materials powered heater;
  • floor heating systems.
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The apartments are on 2 levels and were all prepared with the best care for a relaxing sojourn - of both body and spirit..

And since we know well that also simple things can make a person's day, we prepared a special wood oven, to make pizza, bread, or the “fett'unta” with our olive oil, and a barbecue that can turn anyone into a precious chef: what's best than a typical Fiorentina t-bone steak of Chianina beef, with hot bread just out of the oven, out on the “Terrazza dei QuattroVenti” (Terrace of the four Winds) where there's nothing than you and the magnificency of nature?

In addition, from June till October there is available for our guests a pool of 10x5 mt. with deep wather 1,40 mt.

If you're asking how such a marvel can be, well, take a tour in our photo gallery!