Upon Scandicci's hills,
within farms and ancient villas,
watched by San Martino alla Palma's church,
there lives the Farmhouse “Il Poderaccio”.

Who doesn't love Florence?
And who wouldn't love to admire the sunrise from Scandicci's hills, embraced by nature, watching the city that slowly begins to work its day? Or at sunset, when tiny lights appear and color the evening, maybe eating some freshly baked bread from the oven?

The Farmhouse “Il Poderaccio“ lies upon Scandicci's hills, surrounded by nature and its silence, in a dominant position over the florentine's land.

Tradition is our vessel!
Respect for nature, environment, the ancient rituals that remains the same over the centuries makes the Farmhouse “Il Poderaccio” the ideal location to have a sip of the past times, where people lived in harmony with the surroundings.

Come to visit us, you'll discover forgotten sensations of a place still caring of its roots; you'll stay in a beautiful ancient “cascina” (farmstead) restored with our typical taste and with the right mix of ancient traditions and modernity, respect for nature and need for relax.

The Farmhouse “Il Poderaccio” is 10 km away from Florence, waiting for you and offering a small oasis of peace away from the frenesy of everyday's life.